Not a pair of fake “yeezy boost 350 shoes”, simply had a bad year

At a recent meeting, a male friend cried to us, he and his girlfriend because of the matter from the dispute a quarrel, his girlfriend angrily put their own hard to buy the hand of the Yeezy 350 Boost V2 on a second-hand site to sell , When he was found too late, is crying without tears.

“I am the pair of orange gray color, Yeezy 350 V2’s first double main ah!” Friends wringing.

A circle of friends did not say to persuade the thing – are comforting him, you see now full of streets are false yeezy 350 boost, you should be dealing with a pair of bursts of money, hurry to find the next pair of shoes look better!

Yeezy shoes, which is a rapper singer Kanye West (hereinafter referred to as “Kanye”) designed a series of shoes in general, the domestic people prefer it according to its homonym called “yeezy 350 boost ”

Kan Ye wearing their own Yeezy shoes

“yeezy 350 boost” series from the beginning of the birth, almost every fire all over the world’s explosive shoes. Each pair of limited, separated from each other out of a new color, so that the world sneakerhead crazy so far. The depth of the shoe circle, recently watched the flood filled with false yeezy 350 boost, I also write an essay, write this pair of magic shoes.

“There is not a pair of fake yeezy 350 boosts, it is not a good time.”

Yeezy red, but also became a fake hot. Open Taobao random input “yeezy 350 boost shoes”, true and false all kinds of purchasing will be greeted, even Instagram and Twitter, are filled with “one hundred dollars to buy Yeezy” advertising:

Instries on the fake shoes promotion

“When everyone joins Adidas,” let everyone be able to wear yeezy 350 boost “, which means lowering the price of the yeezy 350 boost and increasing the volume. After the volume from the point of view is indeed a lot of increase, but the price is still high, a pair of fried a pair.

“yeezy 350 boost shoes” can be described as mixed, “style wild, color cool, and legendary ‘step feces’ sense of the foot.” Love it sneakerhead said. “Excuse me? My boyfriend from the front of the computer in front of the whole school, in order to grab this pair of gaudy also died expensive shoes!” “Comfort is comfortable, but it looks ugly ah!” Hate it Also a lot.

November last year, the sale of Yeezy 350 Boost V2 domestic official price is 1899, shortly after the sale was once fired nearly ten thousand yuan, in the eyes of fake business in one fell swoop to become one of the highest profits fake shoes. Ordinary shoes lovers can not be a reasonable price to buy real shoes, real ones “Putian shoes” and a large number of into the market, many people who do not distinguish the ability of people in the black heart of the handsome shop to buy a slim goods.

Of course, not everyone wants to take the initiative to buy shoal goods. “You are going to wear this dress or shoes, how to do? Can only buy the so-called 1: 1 cottage, and now many stores are doing this business , A lot of regular customers to buy, I also use real goods and imitation goods contrast, tell the truth in the body of the difference is very small, the price is more tempting. “A woman wearing both genuine and wear goods I.

Do you think this is a real shoes or cottage shoes? (For entertainment only)

“Now I am in the sale of luck, can buy real goods of course the best, can not buy the familiar shop to engage in a pair of ‘original’ wear, mentality is much better than before. It ‘s not necessary to sigh for this.

There are a considerable number of people do not know what to buy shoes to draw the thing, but do not care whether their shoes are cottage products (this talent is fake big customer base ah), in their eyes, whether it is yeezy 350 boost or other What clothes and shoes, but now the so-called “explosive” only, they only need to refer to the stars are over the false street shooting to catch the trend can be. A pair of current market price of 4000-6000 yuan Yeezy 350 Boost V2, spend 200 yuan (or even lower prices) to buy a pair of low imitation wear a season, next year out of time to throw away nor distressed.

All as long as 69!

New Year when the foot of a pair of 200 yuan fake yeezy 350 boost, coupled with 500 yuan fake big goose, and then a 38 yuan 包邮 right Zhi Long with the cap, you can let you stand out in the size of the meeting, Logo People know that you are standing in front of the trend of beach-goers.

A small episode: can not buy real yeezy 350 boost, it can also DIY a pair of it (big mistake):

“How to create a burst of money quickly find marketing talent Kei Ye!”

The father of adidas Yeezy – Kanye is not only the soul of today’s rapist world, but also a successful brewery shoe maker, which not only benefited from the success of Yeezy’s own marketing, but also thanks to his close relationship with the Kardashian family Spare no effort to promote.

Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner

Kim Kardashian

Kris Jenner

As early as 2005, Kan Ye began with Nike, Reebok and other brands, launched their own do not pay edition shoes, because these shoes are not publicly available, cheap yeezy 350 boost shoes fans who only smell its name, Sneaker circle of high pressure image so began to establish.

2008 Grammy Awards ceremony, Kan Ye wearing “Nike Air Yeezy” debut stage

2008 Grammy Awards ceremony, Kan Ye wearing their own cooperation with Nike’s first public offering of “Nike Air Yeezy” debut stage, this epoch-making debut is officially opened the Yeezy Empire’s big screen. April 2009 to June, Nike have sold the three shoes of the three color of the commercially available version of each pair are speculation to the astronomical price (20,000 yuan up and down).

Three different color of the Nike Air Yeezy

2012, Nike Air Yeezy 2 on sale, the same three colors, in today’s sneaker circle, this pair of Yeezy 2 still have “shoe king” reputation, which a red “Red October” the highest popularity, the current market price is still Floating around RMB 3 million.

Nike Air Yeezy 2 three colors

“If you wear this pair of  fake yeezys v2 boost shoes, the general people who play shoes is likely to kneel down your father.” A shoe enthusiasts so ridicule Road. At the same time, “Red October” also brought the ball ring red color of the wave, after many brands of shoes are used in this “Red October” red, selling phase is very good.

Nike Air Yeezy 2 “Red October”

In 2014, Kay Ye and Nike torn, turned sworn Adidas. It is said that because Nike is not enough money in place, Kan Ye think this is Nike “do not respect their own ideas.” (A few years Adidas dug from Nike a lot of people, in addition to Kanye outside, Nike several of the original ace designer also teamed up Adidas, here is not elaborate.

Adidas Yeezy Boost 750

Beginning in 2015, Kanye designed for the Adidas yeezy 350 boost – Yeezy Boost series officially debut. The first pair of high-powered Adidas Yeezy Boost 750, this pair of shoes is the beginning of cooperation between Kanye and Adidas, when the New York Fashion Week, he designed for the Adidas Yeezy Season 1 fashion series also officially debut – now this Series has been out to Yeezy Season 4, and so this year, after the rehabilitation of mental illness, probably out of Season 5 it.

Yeezy Season 2 show field map

After joining Adidas, Yeezy’s road is the same way that Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 (which is now the most common Yeezy shoe on the market in 2015, compared to most other commercially available shoes, Too poor) is still the most hype of the hype. Interestingly, the same year the sale of Adidas Yeezy Boost 950 become the only Yeezy not speculation style, why? It’s so ugly!

Adidas Yeezy Boost 950

Wear mink + electric boots, this trend I really do not understand

Every time there are new shoes, ka yue will take the initiative to be paparazzi photographed, and then to the family who made a pair of friends in the circle to wear free, all the stars have feet, live advertising rhythm to bring up. Yeezy Season 1 When he was out, he returned to President Barack Obama for a pair of fake yeezys 750 and a pair of replica yeezys 350.

Gigi Hadid

Bella Hadid

Taylor Swift


Basketball player Derek Ross

All in all, Yeezy series is very good at hunger marketing, on the one hand it is less the fact that on the one hand the cheap yeezys shoes are very rampant, the original amount of fake yeezy 350 boost shoes on the little Tuen Tuen, the price immediately turned very high. And later are the latest color of the replica yeezys v2 shoes have not yet listed, the price has turned twice.

Like girls love to buy bags and lipstick, I know a lot of boys on the shoes a soft spot, talking about the kind of cheerful effort, no less than girls talk about a new lipstick.

However, in the cohabitation of the shoes market, buy shoes when you need to practice eyebrows to avoid buying fake, today’s interactive problem we have to play a small game, the following few pairs of “Yeezy” shoes, which is fake yeezys shoes?


Start practicing good shoes Adidas Adidas Crazylight Boost 2016 Low basketball shoes

Self introduction

I am height 186CM, weight 80kg, playing basketball is also decent, college level.

The position of the swing, slim body, hard resistance center is still carry the shoes will die on the pitch chapter one: start real good shoes Adidas Adidas Crazylight Boost 2016 Low basketball shoes

After work has been insisting on the sport, but the frequency gradually, from the work that will be two or three times a week, into a week or two now, once an hour or so, usually on behalf of the unit to play what the game. Fortunately, there is no big injury, has been healthy and happy to patting basketball shoes will die on the pitch One: start real good shoes Adidas Adidas Crazylight Boost 2016 Low basketball shoes

80 after a lot of male friends estimate and I like to read the high school that will be shy in the bag, can wear a pair of NIKE, ADI new shoes to school, all that it is a very cattle B thing shoes will die on the pitch : To start a good fight shoes Adidas Adidas Crazylight Boost 2016 Low basketball shoes often see the classmates wearing new shoes, class I can not help but head to the desk under the sidelines of some, take the opportunity to swallow mouth water shoes will die on the pitch A: start a good fight shoes Adidas Adidas Crazylight Boost 2016 Low basketball shoes

Wait until the older, the economy can be self-sufficient, and our comrades more or less chasing about the dream when young, wantonly buy some of the classic shoes of the year’s re-engraved or the current star of the latest. I am no exception, have bought Jordan 13, Jordan 11 Low LE, Jordan classic, Nike Air CB34 II, ZooM Kobe I, Crazy 8 and so on, but also follow the wind bought Dunk SB or something. The day of the season to pick up the shoes when just took part of the shoes of the photos, every time wiping, maintenance was pretty good shoes will die on the pitch One: start real good shoes Adidas Adidas Crazylight Boost 2016 Low basketball shoes

Shoes will die on the pitch one: start real good shoes Adidas Adidas Crazylight Boost 2016 Low basketball shoes

After 30 years of age, basketball shoes to buy less, the basic combat to the main. Now the idea is that the shoes will die on the court, breaking a pair of new shoes to buy a new shoe will die on the pitch One: start real good shoes Adidas Adidas Crazylight Boost 2016 Low basketball shoes

On the map inside, after 30 years of age to buy on the two pairs, NB 990 V3 and D ROSE 5, ROSE soles rubber slightly hard, grip in general, has been idle.

Play, I was mainly the first step to start to accelerate to change the back jumper, the response speed of the shoes and grip requirements are relatively high, so this is my first time to buy shoes, I pay every time to buy shoes First touch the soles, see the soft rubber is not soft, step on the floor feel astringent astringent; and then sweat the feet, the second concern is breathable; then there is cushioning and protection.

On a pair of basketball shoes is bought in the second half of 13 years, Adidas first generation of Crazy Light red and black.

Just wearing the play that will be the light, that breathable, that grip, wearing a full field fly, there are breeze blowing over the feet, but also who did not have the shoes to die on the pitch One: start combat good shoes Adidas Adidas Crazylight Boost 2016 Low basketball shoes

One week inside the field, the pair of shoes finally at the end of last year fragrant jade die

Shoes will die on the pitch one: start real good shoes Adidas Adidas Crazylight Boost 2016 Low basketball shoes

Bad position is also very strange, followed by the piece of TPU directly opened, this shoe plastic or with more points.

There is also a problem, that is, the tongue is too thin, high arch I was often tied with a shoelace hurt.

And later did not find the right shoes, take Jordan 11 Low Le make do, although bought 5-6 years, and combat and breathable or good shoes will die on the pitch one: start combat shoes Adidas Adidas Crazylight Boost 2016 Low basketball shoes

Shoes will die on the pitch one: start real good shoes Adidas Adidas Crazylight Boost 2016 Low basketball shoes

Chen teacher also wear it so much sister’s shoes will die on the pitch One: start real good shoes Adidas Adidas Crazylight Boost 2016 Low basketball shoes

Is that creaky voice who wear who knows the shoes will die on the pitch chapter one: start real good shoes Adidas Adidas Crazylight Boost 2016 Low basketball shoes
To start

To this summer, for a venue to play, thinking about how to change the shoes, so began to find on the Internet.

Fancy pair of doubles, a pair of Nike Zoom Clear Out, Dream Green 16-17 season actual combat new shoes, modeling and large area cheat big strokes I like

Shoes will die on the pitch one: start real good shoes Adidas Adidas Crazylight Boost 2016 Low basketball shoes

That is, this shoe has not been on the shoes have to die on the pitch Chapter 1: start combat good shoes Adidas Adidas Crazylight Boost 2016 Low basketball shoes

And then this pair of Adidas Crazylight Boost 2016 Low

Elaborate 2015 Super Tyrant shoes – Adidas yeezy

Now Instagram look for YEEZY Increase 350, will see a lot more than one particular hundred thousand post, and search YEEZY is additional scary, historical records have a lot more than one million. These fresh and interesting image uploads, also as a lot of points praise critiques, most of the time from June 2015 so far. This is essentially “Kanye” Kanye West made for Adidas series. In the end of 2013 and Nike’s cooperation, Kanyan transferred to its rival Adidas. At that time, since the copyright charge, but also “want a far better release platform” (we feel it’s still the money issue). In February this year, and Adidas cooperation series for the first time released, when the social network along with the media are on both pairs of footwear filled with enthusiasm, a pair is YEEZY Enhance 350, the other pair is 750 – the latter in the world when the only 9000 double , The price tag was hot to a number of million dollars.

Plus the last two weeks, YEEZY after once more come to be the concentrate of social media, the reason is extremely uncomplicated, that double named “coconut shoes” YEEZY Boost 350 in addition to a new colour “Agate Gray / Moonrock”, this month on the 14th The That is the third color, and from the starting from the white models, for the sale of black in August models, every time YEEZY Increase 350 will set off a social network as well as the secondary market of small **.

Following the very first sale of white, sold out in Europe and Canada inside one hour soon after the sale, sold in the United states for 15 minutes. And before the sale, all the style life media, sports forums, sports footwear paste it is going to be preheating, and later wrote such as “how to buy a pair of coconut shoes” and also other tutorials. But this really is in fact no use, this pair of promoting crazy shoes, and in the past Kanye and Nike cooperation the Air Yeezy and Air Yeezy II sneakers, even though the official price tag, but 1 thousand or two thousand yuan, but seriously can acquire The price tag, have much more than eight thousand yuan – the so-called dollars is just not straightforward to get, that is certainly this shoe.

From the style point of view, this shoe is hot and helpless. Well-ventilated woven material Primeknit integrated design, equipped with Adidas patented high-kinetic power feedback technology outsole Boost ?, using a extra comfy socks-style design and style, monochrome texture vamps straightforward atmosphere, the entire package of wealthy footwear, the usage of thick footwear Belt, the bottom on the cortex on the semi-circle as a “decoration”, followed by a canvas made of the material from the pull ring – and appropriate to get a variety of types to put on, which has been within the fantastic close friends, wife and * * Who’ve repeatedly verified. Sports shoes business is usually at a time a pair of shoes to become mad hot speculation, for example Adidas and Raf Simons cooperation models, Nike’s Air Jordan ten, the latter inside the secondary market costs for numerous consecutive quarters in the 1st , Beneath Armor’s Curry One particular MVP has also entered the major ten most worthwhile footwear report, it is actually due to the fact the signing of the NBA star Stephen Curry was just the most valuable player in the common season (MVP). The value of sports footwear this moment when it’s the same as all customer goods. Unless it truly is Jordan XX years by means of a pair of shoes, and wearing this pair of shoes won the XX award, then the value of this pair of footwear may very well be inside the timeline might be retained longer validity. And why coconut shoes can be mad to grab this, “odd goods is usually household,” the word utilized right here is just about acceptable. Of course, the influence of Kay’s personal can not be underestimated – the fans are the most effective cash earned, 120 dollars a white T-shirt are prepared to buy, to sell a pair of genuinely looks pretty good shoes usually do not What exactly is challenging.

About this pair of coconut shoes, we collected some of the argument

Chinese forum, paste it, microblogging around the argument is this:

◆ There will quickly be a large group of pseudo-tide line as much as get Yeezy Increase, but this pair of eye-catching $ 350 sports shoes looks absolutely not a gimmick. (This can be a weblog to see the show)

◆ 2000 dollars of items momentum will not shed other fashion massive thousands or perhaps tens of a large number of shoes, can not fire?

◆ private view, this pair of shoes present 1699, relative to the Y3 series YOHJI Enhance, price is still higher, but if the future premium, then there is certainly no cost at all, and that time, obtain yeezy! Not shoes! (The very first batch of footwear to get the user evaluation)

◆ a great deal of people today don’t look at the sale price, I’d like to say yeezy who will care about work, personally really feel that look will not be ugly, could be since the individual is the partnership amongst the fans, please don’t because of this Tucao, then nike Yeezy how numerous people because the market price tag is too high to offer up, how numerous people for the reason that the value with the beginning of speculation will not be high but didn’t start and regret, I was certainly one of them. (Correct fans)

◆ 2000 fried to 12000, can not imagine.

◆ this style, if not joint, it’ll 400’s life, if I can get, give me grandpa morning to play tai chi put on. (Tangled prices of netizens ah, additionally they became aspect of speculation)

◆ folks Li Chen received, microblogging following a Wu Yifan together with the paragraph.

◆ uppers like pickles !!!!! (This can be a lovely tiger rush mates)

◆ extra like roshe run, specifics and outer packaging and 750 is actually lazy (Packaging can also be plenty of criticism)

◆ just when the clamor mentioned like roshe run, this don’t know better than roshe run exactly where to go, the earthquake is also a sturdy ten thousand times. (Even though the finish of the cow and Nike cooperation, but this time or Nike is concerned concerning the partnership)

Cao Ye himself promoting shoes is too fight, the New York Fashion Week quickly after the release of the shop went to Adi, to sign the guests take the shoes, within the face of fans must sign on the shoes. This trick was also played after inside the London store. As a singer’s benefit is the fact that they themselves is often a walking billboard, additionally for the Air Force 1 had previously written specifically for a song, the MTV naturally put on this pair of footwear. And 750 that section in the night inside the Grammy also have to wear, his wife Kardashan overnight also Instagram posted on this photo, generating close friends who exploded the pot, Kou Ye’s pals don’t fall, sit and wait KOL They map.

Now well known footwear towards the president, the 350 also gave Obama, that is the biggest KOL it.

Domestic stars within the sun out of this shoe is also a whole lot. Yu Wenshu, Wu Yifan, Luo Zhixiang, Zheng Kai, Lin Junjie, Eason Chan, A sa, Zhou Bichang, and so on., of which extra than half are Adidas origins spokesperson. In every single one you come into speak to together with the info channels, there is going to be this pair of shoes, likely is definitely the practice of kan Ye’s bar. Hunger promoting, despite the fact that old-fashioned, but nonetheless performs

Although Kanye himself stated that all people today need to buy can get a pair, however the global restricted sale in any case can not purchase, and now the secondary market place value has turned several instances. After which the sale of 750 price speculation to a few million, but the variety of 9000 pairs, but even the mainland region, but a dozen pairs.

what is the reason for still want to buy even if yeezy boost 750 is so expensive?

At present adidas’s fire ought to be Kanye West’s Yeezy series, and readily in the Instgram search Yeezy you can find nearly 4 million post. A pair of tooling footwear more than the technologies, it was mentioned Yeezy will only play color. And Yuan Ye has always been calm for the controversy, the recent Yeezy increase 750 then a brand new colour, the value all of the way fried heaven. Guess the value, 2000 dollars? Sorry that could only acquire a pair of fake footwear.

In reality, Yeezy increase 750 because the start out cost did not fall. But in addition because of this, as a way to grab a pair of 750 shoes fans usually squeeze the head or disappointed and return. So expensive a pair of shoes why countless individuals want, this pair of footwear so the cause why the fire is what?

As a principal, Kanye comes together with the subject with the property had to admire men and women. Initial burst as well as the employees took the sample around the plane to talk about the photos, but in addition appeared in Guangzhou to China to perform the production of Yeezy. Inside the discussion of people’s shoes when mixed, pals Lbn Jasper again to assist out, inside the po on the po soon after the camera to see the heart in the straight itch. Later Kan Ye basically personally demonstration, stepping around the Yeezy Boost 750 high-profile look of Grammy. This ad you give to not the complete score?

Moreover to his own fame, his wife can also be a topic queen, both two marketing is just not sufficient. Witty Kanye West might be the initial batch of Yeezy 750 Boost gift to family and friends. Jay Z, Ibn Jasper, Don C, Kylie Jenner, Major Sean, Virgil Abloh and Jerry Lorenzo, and so on. This trick has also been adidas learned, Yeezy Enhance 750 has turn out to be a wave of folks to win the crowd, very first for the NFL’s rookie who sent a pair usually do not even say, even MLB star Carlos Gomez also suspected to provide up a pair of footwear to contract Jordan Chance.

Domestic and foreign stars on this pair of shoes is also love, Wu Yifan, Lin Junjie, Yu Wenle along with other trends have repeatedly worn these shoes in the activities in the debut, Beckham and his son also place around the classic section on the Yeezy Boost 750, Beckham Brooklyn inside the 16th birthday from Kanya that birthday present is this pair of shoes, and now this pair of footwear has come to be a senior influx of people’s infant.

Furthermore to playing the name card, Yeezy after much less than once the sale can also be one of the causes why men and women need to grab a pair of motives. For this reason all of us want to give Chinese shoes Allen Kuo beat the motives for the meal, even just before the sale to have a hundred pairs, envy jealous hate.

In the footwear themselves Kanyou also beneath loads of effort. Advanced suede with Oxford bottom, even when the market’s boost colour an increasing number of Saoqi, he nonetheless adhere to high-end excellent and retro aesthetics, in the color spent on lots of believed.

Throughout this year’s color, one of the most well-known can also be a classic “Light Gray”. Lately outflow of “Light Grown” much more mature, presumably also received “Light Gray” equal welcome. It really is reported that the new color will be on sale on the 15th of this month. You wish to buy